Jun. 20th, 2008

[For Eden]

Jun. 20th, 2008 07:10 pm
segaboybrodie: (Small Price to Pay)
Despite the fact that Brodie was still kinda pissed that some other guy had thrown his girlfriend a birthday party, he could find solace in the fact that he was the one who was gonna come out on top that day. And not just in the non-metaphorical sense of the phrase.

Because he, Brodie Bruce had gone to great fucking lengths to get her a present that no one else could produce. Great fucking lengths meaning that he'd traded his non-rugged good looks for it, because apparently Mrs. Holden McNeil had some kind of BEARD FETTISH. Goddamn was he gonna miss shaving and not looking like a hobo. Or a wizard, depending on how sadistic Banky was.

But he was pretty sure that it'd be worth it, because not only had he REMEMBERED that shit, but he'd actually put some THOUGHT into it. Not romantic, his ass.

So despite being completely fucking sober as he left the hippie bus with Eden, Brodie was trying to conceal the grin that kept threatening to show up and make him look like an idiot.


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