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So Brodie had kind of been a pussy. He'd known that he wanted to ask Zoe out since pretty much the second time he'd talked to her, and it had taken her drunkenly accosting him at an island party to make it happen. Maybe it had been the fact that he wasn't exactly used to chicks quoting The Trilogy back at him or knowing what the fuck he was talking about when he made references to how Rob fucking Liefeld had almost single-handedly ruined Marvel comics with his shitty art. He'd always had to explain that shit to Eden, and Renee hadn't given a crap as far as Brodie could tell.

Brodie wouldn't say he was intimidated. He wasn't. Truthfully, it was HOT.

And that meant, of course, that it was time to break out the romance. Contrary to popular ex-girlfriend belief, Brodie was aware that chicks craved romance, and he wasn't half bad at doling it out. But he WAS rusty as shit at it.

He'd grabbed them at table at The Winchester that night, and after talking the cook with the ears as big as fucking satellite dishes into making something slightly off-menu, he waited for Zoe to show.
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THIS was the fucking life.

Unlike all that goddamn sitting around on the beach, eating mangoes, pretending everything was fucking amazing because there was no other way to think of it. Sure, Brodie'd been okay with it while he was there. As okay with it as he COULD be, anyway. At least he hadn't ended up in the goddamn Savage Land or some other shit pit. There were comics, running water, scrambled wasn't half bad.

But when it came to places of TRUE magnificence, this- THE MALL, HIS MALL- was it.

It'd been over two fucking years since Brodie had been to his Mall. Over two fucking years of the goddamn BARTER system and islanders not giving a shit that they were missing out on the cornerstone of civilization: COMMERCE.

Brodie'd suggested it once the troops had started getting restless, and after a quick call to T.S., they'd all piled inside his mom's station wagon (though some parties weren't all that happy about having to ride in the back even though certain lanky green-haired fucks should have been happy they were allowed to come along for the ride in the first place) and headed over to the Eden Prairie Mall.

For all that he'd told Rogue about it since he'd gotten stuck on the island, there was no way in HELL he was going to let her leave Jersey without even SEEING what the fuck he'd been talking about.

"OBSERVE, friends," Brodie said, arms wide once he'd entered through the glass doors, "The Mall. Food court's downstairs, cookie stand's upstairs, and don't linger on the escalator if you know what's good for you."

Now he needed to find Jay and Silent Bob. There was a little job he needed them to do.
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One of the good things about Deadpool disappearing was that Brodie had a whole fucking room to himself. Well, the other half of the room was mostly full of comics he'd pilfered from the bookshelf, but it was the thought that counted. No more of him randomly popping up just when Brodie was thinking rubbing one out, or when he was finally getting around to cataloging his bookshelf finds for the day.

That fucker was GREAT in the comics, but in real life? Brodie wanted to take one of his goddamn Liefeld pouches and shove it down his fucking throat.

Brodie'd been dreaming about just such a thing- complete with his own yellow word bubbles that told the reader just what he thought about having his space INVADED- when he felt something stir next to him.

...if that fucker was back and in HIS BED, Brodie was going to FLIP HIS SHIT. Fucking Deadpool or not, scar-face was gonna hear about how fucking WRONG it was to cuddle up to people without their permission. Jesus fucking Christ, what if he'd been sporting morning wood? Sleeping JUNK TO JUNK with Wade Wilson wasn't exactly on Brodie's island to-do list.

He woke up with a start, ready to school Deadpool on the rules of male sleeping arrangements, when he noticed something was awry. Not only was he NOT laying next to Deadpool, but he wasn't even in his room in the compound. The only comics in the room were neatly organized in boards, bags and boxes, and comic posters littered the walls.


He barely even noticed that his basement room was much less empty than it should have been, and instead started looking around for his sega controller. He could probably still continue his game.

Hartford and the Whale, friends. Hartford and the Whale.
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The mission was clear. Get Tony Stark to do karaoke.

Brodie couldn't remember why the fuck he'd agreed to do this in the first place now. It'd been so long ago since he and Karen had the conversation that it was all lost. He guessed it was just for shits and giggles at this point now.

After he'd argued with Karen and Serena for what seemed like fucking FOREVER, he'd finally shown up at the Hub in something they thought was presentable and appropriately Chick-like. Brodie had been pretty sure that all he'd really have to do was flash the guy or some shit and it'd all work out alright.

He DID have a pretty impressive rack as a chick, after all.

With a drink in his hand at the Hub, Brodie waited to see if Iron Man'd show up.

If he knew his comics (and he DID), it was really only a matter of time.
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Presumably, our pups have lives that happen when we aren't playing them, as none of us can play 24/7. Some of the things that happen are tedious and everyday, and not worth thinking much on: It's fair to assume they eat, bathe, go to "work" or school as it applies, etc. But there might be things that happen between pups that, while not necessarily requiring a thread, are important to note for the sake of development. The important stuff should always be played out, but we know you can't always play everything, and sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction.

Comment away!
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Another day on ShitPit island and Brodie had the perfect place staked out. One couch in the rec room was currently home to about half of the comics that he'd found in the past week. Maybe something had finally knocked some fucking sense into the shelf, because it had been almost a goddamn WEEK of good finds. Fuck, but the shelf had actually given with the Green Lantern. Getting it to be generous with THAT shit was harder than Richard Simmons in a room full of big-titted men.

If there was something better than a generous bookshelf to be thankful for around this time of year, Brodie was having a hard time figuring out what.

Dixie cup filled to the brim with pineapple (and FAR THE FUCK AWAY from all things NOT drink-repellant), Brodie started to sort through his stash to weed out the good shit from the crap not worth using for toilet paper.

[For Eden]

Jun. 20th, 2008 07:10 pm
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Despite the fact that Brodie was still kinda pissed that some other guy had thrown his girlfriend a birthday party, he could find solace in the fact that he was the one who was gonna come out on top that day. And not just in the non-metaphorical sense of the phrase.

Because he, Brodie Bruce had gone to great fucking lengths to get her a present that no one else could produce. Great fucking lengths meaning that he'd traded his non-rugged good looks for it, because apparently Mrs. Holden McNeil had some kind of BEARD FETTISH. Goddamn was he gonna miss shaving and not looking like a hobo. Or a wizard, depending on how sadistic Banky was.

But he was pretty sure that it'd be worth it, because not only had he REMEMBERED that shit, but he'd actually put some THOUGHT into it. Not romantic, his ass.

So despite being completely fucking sober as he left the hippie bus with Eden, Brodie was trying to conceal the grin that kept threatening to show up and make him look like an idiot.
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Brodie was a big fan of routine.

Wake up, do the one handed-salute if he hadn't spent the night with Eden, grab breakfast in the kitchen, then look for comics on the shelf. That was the morning deal, island hijinks non withstanding. Cause it was kind of hard to look for Fantastic Four comics when you were suddenly transported to Marvel Land or to the FUCKING JUNGLE.

Or when your roommate thought you'd tasted his neck meat in the middle of the night.

Crazy fucker.

Slightly battered dixie cup in hand, and still in t-shirt, bathrobe and boxers, he went to the rec room, checking the shelf for the tell-tale width of a comic.

It was a goddamn art form, getting the fucking thing to give him shit that he actually wanted. One that required concentration.

[For Eden]

Jan. 5th, 2008 02:51 am
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cont. from this thread

"Guy's probably off getting wasted somewhere," Brodie said with a shrug. The hell if he knew whether or not the guy really WAS, but considering all of the other islanders who'd chosen to go that route at the party, it was a pretty safe bet. Or maybe he was off stabbing innocent people with wooden stakes or some shit. Whatever.

For a second, Brodie tried to remember if he'd ever done anything like this with Rene. Sure, they'd gone to the occasional party back in high school, and Brodie was pretty sure she'd pulled him into a coat room once or twice-- once during that magical night when he'd actually seen SMOKEY FUCK THE GODDAMN BANDIT ON A POOL TABLE-- but this would be the first time in a fucking age that he'd had a girl in his room without worrying about his Mom bursting in.

The woman had serious privacy issues.
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Well HALE-FUCKING-LUJAH. The time had come. After goddamn MONTHS and MONTHS of hobbling around the compound like he was Tiny Tim or some shit, Brodie Bruce was mobile. Sure, he wasn't one hundred percent yet, but that was beside the point here. Thanks to Doctor Hottie, the cast with the transformed DICK AND BALL DRAWING was gone, and his leg was HEALED.

With one crutch instead of two, Brodie decided to take the occasion to do the rounds that he'd been missing ever since the dino had decided that fucking up his leg was a good idea. Because damn had he missed it! He was beginning to forget what half of this place looked like.
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For Questions, Comments, Suggestions, what-ever the fuck.

[ooc:located in the basement of the compound. comments are screened.]
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Contrary to popular belief, the worst part about having a broken leg wasn't the pain. Brodie'd dealt with pain before, and now he was kind of used to it. It was the kind of thing that you learned to live with when you'd asked as many chicks to show him their tits as he had.

The worst part of it all was the GODDAMN ITCHING. The itching and the fact that there was nothing to DO. Fuck but, he'd give his left nut for a Sega and just about ANY game right now. Even Too Cool To Fool. Yes, he'd bought it, and yes he'd played it. But Brodie blamed that on the fact that it had been ten cents at The Dirt Mall and he'd been hungry at the time. But hey, you get what you pay for.

He shifted a little on the clinic bed, wincing when he moved his leg.

"HEY!" Brodie yelled out, "What's a guy gotta do to get a little room service around here?!"
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Your name: Angel
Your personal LJ:
Who do you currently play at Tabula Rasa?: Bridget Jones, Clementine Kruczynski, Dr. Carson Beckett, Carrie White, Phillip "Duckie" Dale, Max Guevara

Please list the dates of your participation requirement threads or posts for each pup for the previous calendar month:

March Requirements:
Bridget Jones: Post 03, 29, Tag 19
Clementine Kruczynski: Post 29, Tags 09, 25
Dr. Carson Beckett: Post 11, Tags 04, 04, 05, 09, 10, 16, 18, 25, 29
Carrie White: Post 24, Tag 07
Duckie Dale: Post 04, Tags 11, 25
Max Guevara: Post 07, 18, Tags 08, 11, 25

Have you dropped any pup since your last application? No
If so, why did you feel the need to drop them? (Please note: This section of the application will have no bearing on whether it is accepted. It is intended only as a device to encourage muns to evaluate who they are applying for.) N/A
What month and year is this application for?: April, 2007
Your character's name: Brodie Bruce
Your character's canon: Mallrats
What type of canon is it (Book series, film, etc.): Film
Your character's LJ:
Is your character living or dead at their time of entry?: living
Does your character have any pre-existing disabilities of a medical, physical, or psychiatric nature?: (paralyzed or missing limbs, AIDS, barren, schizophrenia, etc.) Though it's never been diagnosed, Brodie probably has Attention Deficit Disorder (He exhibits a great deal of the symptoms, and it probably runs in his family, as his cousin Randal Graves exhibits many of the same.)

Your character's personality: (This should be between 150 and 400 words detailing the major aspects of your pup's personality. This is NOT the same as background information.)

Brodie Bruce is a struggle between adulthood and childhood, because while he wants to be responsible, on some level, he's afraid of it. The lure of the sega and of DC, Marvel and Darkhorse is strong, and it's much safer than doing things like persuing an 'adult' relationship with his girlfriend Rene (Which would include introducing her to his mother). Introducing Rene to his mother means growing up and commitment, but twenty-two year old Brodie is content to act like he's twelve. It's easier to sit around and do the things that he enjoys rather than take responsibility for his life and make something of himself-- even if it does mean that Rene is cast aside sometimes for the latest issue of The Punisher. Essentially, he's a creature of habit.

He tends to be selective in when he takes things seriously. When it's something that he truly cares about, he takes great pride in it and can be extremely anal retentive (case in point, his extremely large and well kept collection of comic books). He believes in the principle of the thing, and if he came down to it, he'd punch someone's grandmother to defend a point. It's not that he has any kind of disregard for social conduct, he just doesn't think of things the same way that everyone else does. Sometimes, he lacks the filter that most people have in their brains as to what is and isn't appropriate to say in a given situation. He's crass, and a wise-ass, even though he's not very "book smart" about a lot of things. Additionally, Brodie's opinions matter greatly to him, and he can be extremely stubborn and vocal about them. He's a guy's guy, and while he holds nothing against anyone of the homosexual persuasion, Brodie tends to shun all things that are classified as "for chicks" such as chick stores, chick comics (ie. romance genre comics) and chick movies.

While he does have a tendency to make himself a recluse and hyperfocus on things such as video games and comics (which has resulted in an almost encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to both), he really loves people. Though he never sets out to do it at the start, he often becomes the center of attention, and absolutely loves it. People are part of why he loves Malls so much, and why he's always wanted to be on television. Kevin Smith describes Brodie as "the man" because he is. He walks into places like he owns them, whether or not he actually does.

Why do you want to play this character?: (This should be between 150 and 400 words detailing your character's general ability to contribute to the fictional community of Tabula Rasa.)

Most times, when I want to bring a character to the island, it's to explore some deeper part of the character's personality that canon may not have gotten to do. With Carrie, I wanted to try and get her to learn how to live a normal life. With Neo, I wanted him to cope with not being 'the one'. However, the biggest reason that I'd like to bring Brodie to the island is because he'd be incredibly fun to play. I'm as big a fangirl as he is a fanboy about a lot of things, and I feel like I can relate to him as a character.

I do, however, think that Brodie has the potential to grow-- especially since the island won't afford him the same opportunities of laying around all day or hanging out at The Mall. He'll have to actually find something to do, which will be something very new for him, as he hasn't done much with his life for the past year. He's been pushed by Rene to get out of the house, away from the mall and find a job, pick a career, etc. etc., but now he'll be forced to actually do something. I feel like he'll get over Rene quickly (at least on the surface), and while it will take him a while to integrate into the island community, I think he'll be a great asset. More than likely, he'll try to get on the radio as soon as he finds out that it might be possible. In canon (the re-cut version of Mallrats), he says that he'd 'cut off half of one of his nuts' for the chance to be on television. Radio's pretty close. Brodie has a lot of opinions about a wide range of topics, and I think that the island would benefit by hearing them. Additionally, I'm certain that he'll have something to say about the lack of economic structure on the island, since it's somewhat of a commune. While I'm not exactly sure whether or not he'll stop being lazy for long enough to try and change things, Brodie will be generally irate at the lack of television, video games, and, of course, malls.

Tell us about your character's background: (This should be between 150 and 400 words detailing your character's past and present. The future may be included, if relevant. ]Also be sure to include the point at which s/he is leaving canon)

Brodie Bruce was born in October of 1972 in Leonardo, New Jersey to an overbearing mother and a shiftless, layabout father. When he was a kid, presumably sometime before the sixth grade, he met his best friend, T.S. Quint. While T.S. was more down to earth and essentially normal, Brodie was always the more outgoing of the two friends. T.S. did 'normal' kid things like play little league baseball, but Brodie was always content to spend his free time with comic books and cartoons. The two forged a friendship that lasted through middle school, high school and long afterwards.

At Henry Hudson High School, he met a girl named Rene Mosier, whom he eventually started dating. She was attracted to him because of his sense of humor, and even put up with Brodie's irrational fear of his mother, going so far as to sleep under the bed on prom night just in case she happened burst in on them. If you asked Brodie what attracted him to Rene, he'd say it was her tits (though he'd be lying). After graduating in May of 1990, T.S. went away to college, but with his mediocre grades holding him back, Brodie didn't. Actually, Brodie almost didn't graduate at all. But he insists that it wasn't his fault, since his math final was the same day that Gil Kane, illustrator of Giant Size X-Men #1-- along with countless other publications--was doing a signing at The Mall. Brodie showed up late and managed to pass by the skin of his teeth, and while his autographed sketch of 1975 era Wolverine is framed on his wall, he has no fucking idea where his High School diploma is.

Instead or moving on with his life and moving out of his parent's house after high school, he retreated into a world of comics, television and Sega. He spent most of his time either in his room or at The Mall, making money to support his fanboy lifestyle through means such as sperm banks and blood banks. However, after years of the same old thing, his girlfriend eventually tired of him, and on the morning of April 15, 1994, decided to break up with him. Though Brodie pretended not to care on the surface, he actually did care about Rene, and didn't take the break up well.

When T.S. came over to his house the very same morning to tell him that he too had been dumped, Brodie came up with the only possible thing that could cheer the two of them up. The Mall. Soon after entering, Brodie ran face first into a metal crossbeam and ended up on the island.

Your character's initial personal inventory: (This is a detailed list of everything on a person when they first arrive on the Island. It should include clothes, accessories, carried items, etc. Should your pup be in possession of a device that requires a battery, please include the power level of the battery/ies. This list cannot be too detailed!)

One plain black, long sleeved t-shirt
One white t-shirt, face on the front
One brown jacket
*In pockets: one set of house keys, twenty three cents, assorted lint, one black wallet (containing his expired Hudson High I.D card and one ticket stub to the film Hellhound)
One pair jeans
One pair white socks, hole in the toe of the right sock, once worn
One pair of striped boxers
One pair, black Airwalk sneakers, white laces
One small Dixie cup, half filled with coke (no ice).

Your character's entrance post: (This may be altered once you actually post your pup in, but our primary goal here is to ensure you have put a modicum of thought into how you will go about portraying your pup.)

Here it was.

The grand and glorious monument to consumerism-- driver of culture, creator of the sidewalk sale, holiest of the fucking holies.


Forget that prick from Fashionable Male, because this? THIS was home. Some people, including said prick, just didn't get it, and COULDN'T get it. This was his domain. Off in the distance he could see Burning Flesh Tanning Parlor (by this time of day no doubt full of those individuals who felt themselves pigmentally challenged), Time for Cookies (Oh man, he couldn't WAIT get T.S. to try the new cookies. They were un-fucking-believable. These awesome oatmeal cookies with creme filling...), Popular Girl (a chick store, but hey, they had to shop too.) was like those movies where the reluctant hero looks all dramatic before he goes on his final mission.

It was always a brand new experience every time Brodie walked in. Brand new, but familiar at the same time. He couldn't exactly explain it, but he didn't really have to. Because The Mall? It was sometimes even beyond his comprehension.

"Where do you want to go first?" He asked, tearing his gaze away and glancing back at T.S.

"Back to Brandi's."

Christ, not even The Mall could cheer up his mopey companion. But Brodie? He felt vindicated. Because here was a place that accepted him with open arms, unlike some women who had no respect for it. Or for Doctor Octopus, for that matter.

"Brandi's is the past, my friend," He said, "She's behind you now. You face forward, or you face the possibility of shock and damage."

And then he turned around, only to run smack into something solid, his feet flying out from under him. If it had been an episode of Woody Woodpecker or some shit, there would have been stars circling his head.

"Where the hell did that come from?! What's going on here??!" Brodie exclaimed, sitting up quickly, though he didn't expect to see what he saw when the blinding pain in his head finally started to subside. A jungle. And he'd run straight into a low tree branch, of all things.

Where was Lovie's Linens? Comic Toast? Where was his Mall and what was this jungle shit?

Brodie came to his feet, not bothering to dust himself off as he looked around, confused.

"What the fuck happened to the fucking mall?!"

...and he'd even spilled the rest of his soda.
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