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So Brodie had kind of been a pussy. He'd known that he wanted to ask Zoe out since pretty much the second time he'd talked to her, and it had taken her drunkenly accosting him at an island party to make it happen. Maybe it had been the fact that he wasn't exactly used to chicks quoting The Trilogy back at him or knowing what the fuck he was talking about when he made references to how Rob fucking Liefeld had almost single-handedly ruined Marvel comics with his shitty art. He'd always had to explain that shit to Eden, and Renee hadn't given a crap as far as Brodie could tell.

Brodie wouldn't say he was intimidated. He wasn't. Truthfully, it was HOT.

And that meant, of course, that it was time to break out the romance. Contrary to popular ex-girlfriend belief, Brodie was aware that chicks craved romance, and he wasn't half bad at doling it out. But he WAS rusty as shit at it.

He'd grabbed them at table at The Winchester that night, and after talking the cook with the ears as big as fucking satellite dishes into making something slightly off-menu, he waited for Zoe to show.
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