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One of the good things about Deadpool disappearing was that Brodie had a whole fucking room to himself. Well, the other half of the room was mostly full of comics he'd pilfered from the bookshelf, but it was the thought that counted. No more of him randomly popping up just when Brodie was thinking rubbing one out, or when he was finally getting around to cataloging his bookshelf finds for the day.

That fucker was GREAT in the comics, but in real life? Brodie wanted to take one of his goddamn Liefeld pouches and shove it down his fucking throat.

Brodie'd been dreaming about just such a thing- complete with his own yellow word bubbles that told the reader just what he thought about having his space INVADED- when he felt something stir next to him.

...if that fucker was back and in HIS BED, Brodie was going to FLIP HIS SHIT. Fucking Deadpool or not, scar-face was gonna hear about how fucking WRONG it was to cuddle up to people without their permission. Jesus fucking Christ, what if he'd been sporting morning wood? Sleeping JUNK TO JUNK with Wade Wilson wasn't exactly on Brodie's island to-do list.

He woke up with a start, ready to school Deadpool on the rules of male sleeping arrangements, when he noticed something was awry. Not only was he NOT laying next to Deadpool, but he wasn't even in his room in the compound. The only comics in the room were neatly organized in boards, bags and boxes, and comic posters littered the walls.


He barely even noticed that his basement room was much less empty than it should have been, and instead started looking around for his sega controller. He could probably still continue his game.

Hartford and the Whale, friends. Hartford and the Whale.
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