Aug. 19th, 2009

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THIS was the fucking life.

Unlike all that goddamn sitting around on the beach, eating mangoes, pretending everything was fucking amazing because there was no other way to think of it. Sure, Brodie'd been okay with it while he was there. As okay with it as he COULD be, anyway. At least he hadn't ended up in the goddamn Savage Land or some other shit pit. There were comics, running water, scrambled wasn't half bad.

But when it came to places of TRUE magnificence, this- THE MALL, HIS MALL- was it.

It'd been over two fucking years since Brodie had been to his Mall. Over two fucking years of the goddamn BARTER system and islanders not giving a shit that they were missing out on the cornerstone of civilization: COMMERCE.

Brodie'd suggested it once the troops had started getting restless, and after a quick call to T.S., they'd all piled inside his mom's station wagon (though some parties weren't all that happy about having to ride in the back even though certain lanky green-haired fucks should have been happy they were allowed to come along for the ride in the first place) and headed over to the Eden Prairie Mall.

For all that he'd told Rogue about it since he'd gotten stuck on the island, there was no way in HELL he was going to let her leave Jersey without even SEEING what the fuck he'd been talking about.

"OBSERVE, friends," Brodie said, arms wide once he'd entered through the glass doors, "The Mall. Food court's downstairs, cookie stand's upstairs, and don't linger on the escalator if you know what's good for you."

Now he needed to find Jay and Silent Bob. There was a little job he needed them to do.


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